In order to locate the origins of the Land Cruiser, Annapolis and Glen Burnie drivers must go all the way back to 1957.

The year was 1957 and the FJ25 appeared. The vehicle responsible for bringing about the eventual 2019 Land Cruiser, the FJ25 was a far cry from the current form of the Land Cruiser. With a square-top, a removeable roof, and two-doors the FJ25 brought off-road versatility to Laurel and Clarksville drivers. Jump to 1970 and the FJ40 appears. Possibly the most iconic of all Land Cruiser models, the FJ40 brought a full hardtop roof, serious off-road capability, and distinct exterior styling. Just seven years later the FJ45 switched things up with the introduction of a truck bed. Still focused on off-road capability, the FJ45 was built for a very limited period and was available only in the United States.

1986 saw the arrival of the FJ60, which is the earliest form of the Land Cruiser that looks mightily similar to the 2019 Land Cruiser. The FJ60 added in a few notable features that gave the FJ60 a wider appeal. Available features included a moonroof, third-row seating, and sport bucket seats. 1988 brought the FJ62 which changed very little from the FJ60. The primary change was the addition of a 4.0-liter six-cylinder engine. Four years later the FZJ80 OZ appeared with new styling that saw a massive worldwide response. Entering the Millennium, the Land Cruiser was silent for seven years. 2007 saw the introduction of the VDJ79. Another truck version of the Land Cruiser, the VDJ79 was a pure get-it-done vehicle with little in the way of comfort features. Six years later the Land Cruiser appeared and brought with it a modern iteration of the long-gone SUV version.

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