After a long hiatus, the Supra returns to Glen Burnie and Laurel drivers in the form of the 2020 Toyota GR Supra. While the details on the latest model of the Supra are scant, there's a few things we can be quite certain of based upon the exterior styling: it's sporty, it's sleek, and it's staying true to its performance heritage.

Coming to Annapolis and Laurel drivers in three trim variations, the Toyota GR Supra retrains dashing sporty styling along with aa flared rear spoiler. Almost certain to turn heads from Glen Burnie to Laurel, the GR Supra offers the promise of a modernly sporty, yet classically functional vehicle.

Toyota GR Supra - History behind the Legend

The latest version of the Toyota Supra didn't just appear overnight. No; in fact, the latest Supra model draws inspiration from a long line of Toyota vehicles. The earliest relative of the Supra is the Toyota Celica. The Celica A40 is the first stop along the lineage line to the GR Supra. The A40 wasn't a performance-focused vehicle. It was a nifty coupe with sporty styling and a smattering of elegance. The A40 touted a 2.8-liter engine that was capable of providing 116 horsepower/ 145 foot-pounds of torque. The A40 could go 0-60 in 10.2 seconds!

Skipping over the A60 and A70, the most recent Supra prior to the GR Supra is the Supra A80. The Supra A80 appeared in 1993, offering drivers a 3.0-liter engine that produced 320 horsepower and the ability to go 0-60 in 4.6 seconds! The A80 was a true performance vehicle. It's from the A80 that the GR Supra takes most of its inspiration.

Interested in learning more about the GR Supra? Visit Koons Annapolis Toyota today!

Want to learn more about the soon to be released GR Supra? Stop by or contact Koons Annapolis Toyota today!

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