From pure efficiency-focused compact cars to spacious hybrid SUVs; there are many considerations to take into account when selecting a new commuter car. Whether you're looking for a pure tech and comfort focused vehicle or you're searching for a maximally efficient car, there's almost certainly a Toyota vehicle suited to your commuting needs, here at Koons Annapolis Toyota.

One of the great things about the Toyota vehicle lineup is that almost every vehicle available offers up excellent fuel economy. And we're not just talking about hybrid vehicles, either. Indeed, even many of our gas-powered models feature impressive fuel economy. However, when it comes to long commutes versus stop and go traffic, there are some important considerations to make in order to select the Toyota that best meets your needs. Plus, there's also other things to consider, like if you'll need seating for more than five passengers, if the car will double as a family car.

Gas Vs. Hybrid


There's an easy rule of thumb that's almost always true with fuel economy: the smaller, the more efficient. This is entirely true for the Toyota car lineup, with the most efficient model being the Yaris and the least being the spacious Avalon. However, considering that even the Avalon provides an impressive fuel economy, there's really no bad option in terms of efficiency, there's only 'more efficient' ones.

Gas Configurations

The most efficient car in the Toyota lineup (that's not a hybrid) is the Yaris. The Yaris clocks in 32/30 city/highway miles per gallon. Following close behind is the Toyota Corolla, which manages 31/40 city/highway miles per gallon. The Toyota Camry falls behind the Corolla, providing 28/39 city/highway miles per gallon. The Avalon takes the last spot, managing 22/32 city/highway miles per gallon.

Hybrid Configurations

Drivers interested in a hybrid commuter car can look forward to ample options in the Toyota lineup. The full Toyota hybrid car lineup includes the Corolla, Camry, Prius, Prius Prime, and Avalon. The most efficient hybrid vehicle in the Toyota car lineup is the Prius Prime (plug-in hybrid), which manages an estimated 55/53 city/highway miles per gallon. If you're not interested in a plug-in hybrid, then the Toyota Corolla Hybrid offers almost the same fuel economy while leaving out the necessity of charging stations. The Toyota Corolla Hybrid features 53/52 city/highway miles per gallon. The Prius follows closely, providing 54/50 city/highway miles per gallon while the Avalon lands in last place with a stout 43/44 city/highway miles per gallon.


Gas Configurations

Compact is once again leading in efficiency, with the Toyota RAV4 offering the best in gas-powered efficiency (28/35 city/highway miles per gallon). The C-HR follows, providing 27/31 city/highway miles per gallon, while the Highlander takes the middle ground with 21/29 city/highway miles per gallon. The three larger SUV options in the Toyota lineup all fall quite short of Highlander efficiency. The 4Runner manages 16/19 city/highway miles per gallon while the Sequoia and Land Cruiser manage 13/17 city/highway miles per gallon

Hybrid Configurations

Thinking an SUV is more suited to your driving needs? Fear not, the Toyota lineup features three models that are available in either hybrid or plug-in hybrid configurations. The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid takes the top spot, offerings up 41/38 city/highway miles per gallon. The Venza misses the top spot just barely, providing 40/37 city/highway miles per gallon. The RAV4 Prime takes third with 40/36 city/highway miles per gallon while the Toyota Highlander Hybrid takes the caboose position, offering 36/35 city/highway miles per gallon.

Most Efficient Hybrid Models
  • Car: Prius Prime 55/53 city/highway miles per gallon
  • SUV: RAV4 Hybrid 41/38 city/highway miles per gallon
  • Van: Sienna 34/36 city/highway miles per gallon
Most Efficient Gas-Powered Models
  • Car: Yaris 32/40 city/highway miles per gallon
  • SUV: RAV4 28/35 city/highway miles per gallon
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