2017 Toyota 86 in Annapolis

The Toyota 86: Discover Toyota's newest sport coupe right here at Koons Toyota Annapolis

The newest entry into Toyota's stellar lineup, the 2017 Toyota 86 adds a shock of athletic flair and motorsport-inspired exhilaration to the portfolio, and gives the competition something to look forward to…namely, the 86's taillights! All jabs at competitor models aside, the 2017 Toyota 86 represents an attractive offering for those in the Annapolis area looking for a truly unique driver's car. This sport coupe has been crafted from nose to tail with fun in mind, and we're confident that once you've slipped behind the wheel, you simply won't be satisfied driving anything else.


Stylistically, the 2017 Toyota 86 is striking to say the least. Looking at it head on, the vehicle's front fascia is downright aggressive, with a wide, low front grille flanked by its LED headlights with daytime running lights. Similarly, the rear of the vehicle features LED taillights and dual-chrome tipped exhaust. The overall silhouette of the Toyota 86 is light, lithe, and agile, accented by sharp fender trim pieces and unique Toyota 86 badges. All told, the Toyota 86 is a vehicle that's designed to leave an impression on both its driver and those left in its wake.


At the heart of the 2017 Toyota 86 is a 2.0-liter Boxer-Four engine. Good for up to 205-horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque, it can be mated to six-speed manual or automatic transmission. This powertrain, coupled with the vehicle's rear-wheel drive and ultra-low curb weight, means that drivers will enjoy quick, responsive shifts and acceleration, making the Toyota 86 a joy to open up on an empty stretch of road. However, for those who live for spirited days of driving at the track, the Toyota 86 also offers a nifty little feature in the form of its Vehicle Stability Control Full-Off Mode. This feature allows the driver to prevent vehicle stability control from engaging, giving the driver full license to push the vehicle's to its limits.

Interior and Features

Toyota has always excelled at crafting cabins that fit the spirit of the automotive experience their vehicles strive to capture, and the Toyota 86 is no exception. Slip into the cabin of the Toyota 86, and you'll find yourself surrounded by motorsport style and comfort. Accented with high-quality Granlux trim, sport seating with contrast stitching, and a unique sport steering wheel with audio controls and an 86 emblem, the Toyota 86 is a sport coupe you can actually enjoy driving.

Test drive the Toyota 86 at Koons Toyota Annapolis today

The Toyota 86 is a welcome addition to Toyota's portfolio, and we're confident that this unbeatable sport coupe is soon to be a classic. So, if you'd like to get your hands on one while its fresh off the factory line, we'd be only too happy to help you do so. Feel free to visit us at Koons Toyota Annapolis to browse our latest Toyota models and take a test drive on the new Toyota 86 today!


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